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As of result of the recent terrorist attacks in the U.S., airports security for flight operations are strictly being enforced. Customers should be prepared to see and witness more visible and frequent security checks throughout the airport, including vehicle inspections when entering parking garages, screenings of passengers may involve of removing belt buckles, footwear or jewelry befor passing through metal detectors. Anyone carrying on board a laptop or cell phone, may be asked to turn it on. Screening also of checked and carry-on baggage; searches of aircraft cargo, passenger compartments and equipment; and random searches of flight crews and service personnel. There is also likely to be an increased number of uniformed law enforcement and military personnel in the airport areas. Due to security measures at the airport, check-in procedures may take longer than before, therefore please allow plenty of time.

Travel tips to remember to assure a safe trip:
  • Passengers must present a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, and proof of ticketing to proceed through security checkpoints to the gate. Proof of ticketing includes
    • Airline tickets
    • Boarding passes for day of travel
    • Printouts of e-ticket confirmations for day of travel that include the airline ticket numbers

    No one without a ticket is allowed beyond the security checkpoint. However, exceptions can be made for those meeting disabled passengers or minors traveling alone. Some airlines clubs also allow members to access lounges with appropriate identification. Please contact the Curbside check-in availability depends on the airlines and airport. To check availability, contact the airline ahead of time to make such arrangements.
  • Please limit carry-on baggage to (1) piece and (1) personal item, such as a purse or briefcase

    Carry-on acceptable items:
    • Pets (if permitted by airline), walking canes and umbrellas (once inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed. Syringes are allowed-with medication and a professionally printed label identifying the medication or manufacturer's name-as are Insulin delivery systems.
    Carry-on Restrictions:
    • Knives of any kind and knife-like impletments are banned from the cabin.
    • Nail files, safety razors (including disposable razors), tweezers, and eyelash curlers. Ammunition, automatic weapons, axes, BB guns, billy clubs, blackjacks, blasting caps, bows and arrows, box cutters, brass knuckles, bull whips, cattle prods, compressed-air guns, corkscrews, cricket bats, crow bars, disabling chemicals or gases, dog repellent spray, dynamite, fire extinguishers, flare pistols, gun lighters, gunpowder, hammers, hand grenades, hatchets, hockey sticks, hunting knives, ice axes, ice picks, knives (any length), kubatons/kubotons, large or heavy tools (such as wrenches, pliers, etc.), Mace, martial arts devices, meat cleavers, metal scissors with pointed tips, numchucks, pellet guns, pen knives, pepper spray, pistols, plastic explosives, pool cues, portable power drills, portable power saws, razor blades (not in a cartridge), religious knives, replica weapons, revolvers, rifles, road flares, scuba knives, sabers, screwdrivers, shotguns, ski poles, spear guns, starter pistols, straight razors, stun guns/shocking devices, swords, tear gas, throwing stars, toy transformer robots (some of which transform into toy guns), and toy weapons.
  • Check-in early and arrive on time. Allow 2 hours for Domestic flights and 3 hours for International flights.
  • "Proper Travel Documents" such as passport and/or visa. Each passenger's requirements vary however, depending on your country of residence, reason for travel and your visa status. It is each traveling passenger's responsibility to find out which documents are required for each country they will be visiting. Each country's requirements are always subject to change so it is recommended that you contact the consulate or the embassy of the countries that you will be visiting to find out the latest information. Please note that some countries may take longer than others to issue travel documents so it is recommended that research be done as soon as you know that you will be traveling.
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