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Need a flight in a hurry? Emergency situation? Don't worry. Simply call our toll-free number, choose option 5 and leave us a detailed message. One of our agent will get back to you ASAP.
Flexible Ticketing Plicy
United Airlines
ANA Security Information
 Airlines offering Flexible Ticketing Policy for Domestic and International Travel:
    Major airlines will make changes to its travel policies in the event of military action against Iraq or the issuance of a "Level Red" advisory. The airlines will be flexible and support those customers to change travel plans. Each airline policy will differ, please contact our agency or the airline directly for detail and instructions.
 United Airlines:
    While United Airlines is working hard to resolve current financials issues facing the company, we want to advise at present moment business is as usual for United Airlines.

In the event, that United Airlines should reduce or suspend flights, we at Gateway Tourist are committed to assist you in the highest level of service in processing refunds, exchanges, or recommendation (if applicable).

We have methods to know immediately which clients are being affected and will make our urgent attention to contact you in servicing your needs.

 ANA Security Information (12/27/02):
    A new guideline has been set by the TSA(Transportation Security Administration), with regard to
enhanced baggage security measures in preventing terrorist actions against airlines flying in and
out of the United States. All checked baggage shall be screened using enhanced explosive
detection tests or systems, and is subject to search. (At Los Angeles International Airport, new
security measures will start from December 31, 2002.)

According to this guideline, the TSA urges passengers to leave their checked baggage unlocked,
which will avoid the potential need to forcibly open bags that requires further physical inspection.
Please be reminded that any further inspection of checked baggage(including the forcible opening of
Locked baggage) by security inspectors of the TSA may be done without the air carrier being notified.

The Following requests are for passengers who enter and depart the United States:

1) For those passengers locking checked-in baggage.
Please be reminded of new security measures in the above notification.

2) For those passengers not locking checked-in baggage.
Please make sure that baggage is not overpacked so that baggage closes firmly. Valuables should be
packed in carry-on luggage.

3) Camera Film
Please do not pack camera film in your checked baggage, as the enhanced screening equipment being
used for security might damage your film.

4) Dangerous Goods Items
Dangerous goods cannot be taken into the cabin in accordance with the law.
Should you require further assistance, please contact ground staff.

For additional information, please refer to TSA's home page at

All fares do not include taxes or surcharges, and are subject to change without notice.
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