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Amtrak offers customers several unique services to enhance the travel experience. Here at Gateway Tourist, we can help arrange your Amtrak Trip. Send information by email to, then a Travel Consultant from Gateway Tourist, will contact you within 48 hours.

Type Of Seating
Baggage Information
Trains And Destinations
List of Stations

Type Of Seating
  Coach Seats
    Coach car accommodates you with a reclining seat, fold-down tray for snacks or paperwork, and an overhead reading light. There is room for your baggage in overhead racks and well-appointed restrooms within the car. On some trains, there's an outlet at your seat for your laptop. On many long-distance trains, there is extra-spacious seating with leg rests to make you comfortable for an overnight trip. There is plenty of room for you to move around, stretch your legs and chat with fellow travelers if you want. Meanwhile, wide expanses of windows fill the car with sunlight. You can get tasty sandwiches, snacks and your favorite beverage in the Cafe or Lounge car.
    Superliner Standard Bedroom: Ideal for one or two passengers, with two comfortable reclining seats on either side of a big picture window. At night, the seats convert to a very comfortable bed, and an upper berth folds out from high on the wall. Restrooms are nearby.

Viewliner Standard Bedroom: Designed for one or two passengers, with comfortable reclining seats on either side of a sweeping picture window. At night, the seats convert to a bed, and an upper berth with its own picture window folds out from the upper wall. Each bedroom includes a sink and toilet, with a shower located nearby.

Deluxe Bedrooms: Deluxe Bedroom provides a comfortable, cushy sofa and armchair with a great view of the scenery. At night, they convert to a wide lower berth and comfortable upper berth. This rooms have a private sink, vanity, fully enclosed private shower and toilet. Selected adjoining Deluxe Bedrooms can be combined into a Deluxe Suite.

Family Bedrooms: Reserve a choice of bedrooms or suites that accommodate one to four people, with spacious daytime seating that converts to comfortable beds at night. During the day, there's room for family members to read, listen to music or play games.

Viewliner Accessible Bedroom: Available for passengers with special mobility requirements. Designed for up to three adults it's really most comfortable for two -- one with a wheelchair and one without. Features are a sofa that seats three, private video and an upper and lower berth. Plus, there's wheelchair storage space. The toilet and combined shower are in a private annex to the room, accessible by wheelchair.

Superliner Accessible Bedroom: A comfortable space for passengers with special mobility requirements. The amenities you need are available right within the bedroom. Plus, there's ample space for a wheelchair. Superliner Accessible Bedrooms occupy the entire lower width of the lower level, on one end of the car with two facing, reclining seats and an upper and lower berth. A sink, vanity and toilet are also accessible by wheelchair, separated from the room by a privacy curtain.
  Quiet Car Service Washington, DC - Boston
    Many northeast corridor trains have a "quiet car", where customers are asked not to use cellular phones, pagers, or the sound feature of laptop computers, and to speak only in subdued tones. This provides a quiet atmosphere for those who want to work or rest without distractions.
    Kids ages 2-15, ride half-price when accompanied by an adult, any day, everyday. Each adult may bring two children along with this half-price discount. One child under the age of two rides free with each adult ticket purchased.
  Senior Citizen's Discounts
    Amtrak travelers aged 62 and over receive a 15% discount off the applicable adult rail fare on most Amtrak trains. (Discount does not apply to first-class accommodations or the Auto Train.) A 10% discount is available to seniors on the North America Rail Pass. 30 Days, 2 countries, 1 pass.
  Student Fares
    All Student Advantage cardholders are entitled to a 15 percent discount on all Amtrak rail fares except on peak-hour weekday Metroliner/Acela Express and Auto Train. Student Advantage card holders are entitled to a 15 percent discount off the vehicle charge(s) on Auto Train, instead of a discount off the rail fare. A 10% discount is available to students on the North America Rail Pass. 30 Days, 2 countries, 1 Pass.
    American Veterans with a Veterans Advantage membership card are entitled to a 15% everyday savings discount on Amtrak coach travel. It is based on availability and subject to change without notice. Discount not applicable on Acela Express, certain Metroliners, the Canadian portion of joint Amtrak/VIA services, on Amtrak 7000-8000 series Thruway bus services, connecting services via non-Amtrak carriers and in conjunction with certain other promotions, offers or discounts. A 10% discount is valid for the Auto Train vehicle charge (does not apply to Auto Train rail fares). Other restrictions may apply.
Baggage Information
  Checked Baggage
    Amtrak offers checked baggage service at many stations and on many trains and Amtrak Thruway buses throughout the country. Each ticketed passenger may check three pieces, not to exceed 50 lbs. (23 kg) per piece, at no charge.

A maximum of three additional pieces, and overweight items up through 75 lbs. (34 kg), will be accepted upon payment of a surcharge. Oversize items checked to destinations served by connecting Thruway motorcoaches offering checked baggage are subject to delay; tandem bicycles are not handled on these services.

Checking Baggage: Baggage checked less than 30 minutes prior to departure (one hour for bicycles that need to be boxed at the station) may be delayed. Pack your baggage using sturdy luggage or containers that are able to withstand normal handling, and attach your name and address to each item; free identification tags are available. Bicycle boxes, shipping boxes, and ski bags are available for purchase at stations that accept checked baggage.

Claiming Baggage: Checked baggage will be available for claiming within 30 minutes of arrival. Always identify your baggage by the claim check numbers. Amtrak will collect your claim checks when you receive your checked baggage. Storage charges apply to baggage not claimed within two days of arrival.

Special Items and Bicycles: Amtrak accepts a number of special items such as baby strollers, bicycles, golf bags, musical instruments, skis (one per bag), etc. In most cases there is a handling charge. Bicycles must normally be in containers provided by the passenger or Amtrak; certain trains can handle bicycles not in containers; a reservation for this space is usually required for which a nominal charge is made.

Prohibited Items: Dangerous, fragile, and valuable items, as well as animals, household goods, and overweight and oversize items, are prohibited in checked baggage service.

Liability: Amtrak accepts liability for checked baggage to a maximum of $500.00 per ticketed passenger. You may declare additional valuation, up through $2500.00, upon payment of the applicable charge. Amtrak disclaims liability under certain circumstances and for certain items. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of travel.
  Carry-On Baggage
    Given space constraints, there is a limit of two (2) carry-on bags per passenger, not including items such as purses or laptops. Each piece must be visibly tagged with the name and address of the passenger.

Baggage Tags Required: Passengers are permitted to use their own personal identification tags, or obtain pre-printed Amtrak baggage identification tags available at station ticket offices, or on-board trains from a member of the train crew. The name and address need not openly be displayed, but must be available for inspection by authorized personnel when requested.

Safety and Comfort Considerations: Amtrak trains have limited space onboard, therefore, to ensure that the interior environment is kept comfortable and safe, limits to carry-on luggage are being implemented nationwide. These limits will ensure that excess luggage does not create overcrowded conditions; block aisles, vestibules or areas reserved for passengers with mobility impairments; or in a manner that would otherwise inconvenience passengers.

Limit of 2 Carry-on Luggage Items: Carry-on luggage is now limited to two (2) pieces per passenger, not exceeding the specified dimensions of a medium-sized Pullman suitcase (28"x22"x14"/70x55x35 cm). Carry-on limits will not apply to briefcases, purses, laptop cases or cosmetics cases (e.g., train cases). Additionally, the limits will not apply to infant paraphernalia, such as car seats, diaper bags or strollers. Passengers are requested to stow such items under seats when practicable, leaving the overhead luggage racks for larger items.

Total Volume and Weight Limits: If a single carry-on bag is larger than the acceptable per unit dimensions defined above but, in the employee's judgment, the total volume of the bag does not exceed the space limits that would be occupied by two (2) Pullman suitcases of the allowable size, then the passenger may be permitted to carry the bag onboard. In no case will carry-on luggage of any type be permitted on-board that obviously exceeds 50 lbs./23 kg in weight.

Other Carry-On Restrictions: Ski equipment, snowboards, golf clubs and bicycles may only be handled as checked baggage on Amtrak trains, unless they can be safely stowed in the exterior lockers of Superliner equipment, or on-board equipment that is specifically designed to safely and securely accommodate the storage of the items (e.g., bicycles and surfboards on Capitol Corridor and Surfliner trains). Such items may not be transported in the vestibule of any car. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL for specific storage availability on the train(s) you want to travel.

Exceptions for Some Group Moves: The luggage dimension limits will not apply to scouting, or other organizations, that require backpacks or other articles of a specific size. In such cases, baggage storage requirements must be determined beforehand at time of reservation, so that appropriate accommodation can be made.

Liability: Amtrak will not assume liability for carry-on baggage brought on-board trains.
Checked Baggage Service: Passengers are encouraged to use checked baggage service whenever it is practical and available.

Checked Baggage Service: Passengers are encouraged to use checked baggage service whenever it is practical and available.
Trains And Destinations
    California Zephyr Chicago, IL - Emeryville, CA (San Francisco, CA)
Capitol Corridor Auburn, CA - Sacramento, CA - Oakland,CA - San Jose, CA
Coast Starlight Seattle, WA - Portland, OR - Oakland, CA - Los Angeles, CA
Pacific Surfliner San Luis Obispo, CA - Los Angeles, CA - San Diego, CA
San Joaquins Oakland, CA or Sacramento, CA - Bakersfield, CA
Southwest Chief Chicago, IL - Kansas City, MO - Los Angeles,CA
Sunset Limited Orlando, FL - New Orleans, LA - Los Angeles, CA
Texas Eagle Chicago, IL - San Antonio, TX
    California Zephyr Chicago, IL - Emeryville, CA (San Francisco, CA)
City of New Orleans Chicago, IL - Memphis, TN - New Orleans, LA
Empire Builder Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA or Portland, OR
Hiawatha Chicago, IL - Milwaukee, WI
Illinois Routes Chicago - Champaign/Galesburg/Springfield
Kentucky Cardinal Louisville, KY - Chicago, IL
Lake Shore Limited Chicago, IL - Boston, MA or New York, NY
Michigan Services Chicago - Detroit, MI - Toronto, ON
Missouri Routes Kansas City, MO - St. Louis, MO - Chicago, IL
Southwest Chief Chicago, IL - Kansas City, MO - Los Angeles,CA
Texas Eagle Chicago, IL - San Antonio, TX
    Acela Express Boston, MA - Washington, DC
Acela Regional Boston, MA - Washington, DC - Newport News, VA
Adirondack New York, NY - Montreal, Quebec
Auto Train Lorton, VA - Sanford, FL
Capitol Limited Washington, DC - Pittsburgh, PA - Chicago, IL
Cardinal Washington, DC - Cincinnati, OH - Chicago, IL
Carolinian and Piedmont Charlotte, NC or Durham, NC - New York, NY
Crescent New York City, NY - Atlanta, GA - New Orleans, LA
Downeaster Boston, MA North Station - Portland, ME
Empire Service New York, NY - Niagara Falls, NY
Ethan Allen Express New York, NY - Rutland, VT
Keystone Harrisburg, PA - Philadelphia, PA - New York, NY
Lake Shore Limited Chicago, IL - Boston, MA or New York, NY
Maple Leaf New York, NY - Toronto, Ontario
Metroliner Washington, DC - New York, NY
NortheastDirect Newport News, VA - Washington, DC - Boston, MA
Pennsylvanian Philadelphia, PA - Pittsburgh, PA - Chicago, IL
Silver Service New York, NY - Savannah, GA - Tampa, FL or Miami, FL
Three Rivers New York, NY - Philadelphia, PA - Chicago, IL
Twilight Shoreliner Boston, MA - Washington, DC - Newport News, VA
Vermonter Washington, DC - New York, NY - St. Albans, VT
    Amtrak Cascades Eugene, OR - Portland, OR - Seattle, WA - Vancouver, BC
Coast Starlight Seattle, WA - Portland, OR - Oakland, CA - Los Angeles, CA
Empire Builder Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA or Portland, OR
    Auto Train Lorton, VA - Sanford, FL
Carolinian and Piedmont Charlotte, NC or Durham, NC - New York, NY
City of New Orleans Chicago, IL - Memphis, TN - New Orleans, LA
Crescent New York City, NY - Atlanta, GA - New Orleans, LA
Silver Service New York, NY - Savannah, GA - Tampa, FL or Miami, FL
Sunset Limited Orlando, FL - New Orleans, LA - Los Angeles, CA
Texas Eagle Chicago, IL - San Antonio, TX
    California Zephyr Chicago, IL - Emeryville, CA (San Francisco, CA)
Empire Builder Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA or Portland, OR
Heartland Flyer Oklahoma City, OK - Fort Worth, TX
Southwest Chief Chicago, IL - Kansas City, MO - Los Angeles,CA
Sunset Limited Orlando, FL - New Orleans, LA - Los Angeles, CA
Texas Eagle Chicago, IL - San Antonio, TX
List Of Stations
  Aberdeen, MD ABE Anaheim Canyon, CA ACN
Abilene, TX ABI Ann Arbor, MI ARB
Absecon, NJ ABN Anniston, AL ATN
Adelanto, CA ADE Antioch-Pittsburg, CA ACA
Akron, OH AKO Appleton, WI APP
Albany, NY ALB Arcata, CA ARC
Albany, OR ALY Ardmore, OK ADM
Albany, OR ALY Ardmore, PA ARD
Albany-Rensselaer, NY ALB Arkadelphia, AR ARK
Albion, MI ALI Ashland, OR AHL
Albuquerque, NM ABQ Ashland, KY AKY
Aldershot, ON AST Ashland, VA ASD
Alexandria, VA ALX Astoria, OR ARI
Alice, TX ALE Atascadero, CA ATA
Alliance, OH ALC Atlanta, GA ATL
Alpine, TX ALP Atlantic City, NJ ACY
Alton, IL ALN Atmore, AL ATR
Altoona, PA ALT Auburn, CA ARN
Amherst, MA AMM Augusta, GA AGA
Amsterdam, NY AMS Austin, TX AUS
Anaheim, CA ANA
Baker, CA BKR Bossier City, LA BCL
Baker City, OR BAK Boston North Station, MA BON
Bakersfield, CA BFD Boston-Back Bay, MA BBY
Baldwin Park, CA BWP Boston-Route 128, MA RTE
Baltimore, MD BWI Boston-South Station, MA BOS
Baltimore, MD BAL Boulder, CO BLD
Bangor, MI BAM Bowling Green, KY BWG
Barstow, CA BAR Boyne City, MI BYC
Bartlesville, OK BRV Boyne Falls, MI BYF
Baton Rouge, LA BTR Bradenton, FL BDT
Battle Creek, MI BTL Brampton, ON BRT
Bay St. Louis, MS BAS Branson, MO BSN
Beaumont, CA BEU Brantford, ON BTF
Beaumont, TX BMT Brattleboro, VT BRA
Beaver, UT BVU Brewster, WA BWW
Belen, NM BLE Bridgeport, CT BRP
Bellingham, WA BEL Brighan City, UT BCU
Bellows Falls, VT BLF Brookhaven, MS BRH
Bend, OR BED Browning, MT BRO
Benson, AZ BEN Brownsville, TX BSV
Berkeley, CA BKY Bryan, OH BYN
Berlin, CT BER Buckley, MI BLY
Berlin, NH BIN Buellton, CA BUL
Bethany Beach, DE BNB Buffalo-Depew, NY BUF
Big Rapids, MI BGP Buffalo-Exchange St., NY BFX
Big Spring, TX BSG Burbank Airport, CA BUR
Biloxi, MS BIX Burbank-Downtown, CA BBK
Bingen-White Salmon, WA BNG Burlington, NC BNC
Birmingham, AL BHM Burlington, IA BRL
Birmingham, MI BMM Burlington-Essex Jct., VT ESX
Bloomington-Normal, IL BNL Burns, OR BNS
Boise, ID BOI Bwi Airport Rail Station, MD BWI
Boron, CA BRN
Cadillac, MI CLC Claremont, NH CLA
Cal Expo (Main Gate), CA CEX Claremont, CA CLM
Calexico, CA CXL Cleburne, TX CBR
California Speedway, CA CSP Clemson, SC CSN
Camarillo, CA CML Cleveland, OH CLE
Camden, SC CAM Clifton Forge, VA CLF
Cameron Park, CA CPC Clintonville, WI CTV
Camp Verde, AZ CVD Cloverdale, CA CLV
Cannon Beach, OR CBO Coatesville, PA COT
Canyonville, OR CYV Colfax, CA COX
Carbondale, IL CDL Colorado Springs, CO COS
Carlinville, IL CRV Columbia, SC CLB
Carmel, CA CRM Columbus, WI CBS
Carpinteria, CA CPN Columbus, GA COG
Carson City, NV CCN Columbus, OH COL
Cary, NC CYN Concord, NH CNH
Cashmere, WA CSW Connellsville, PA COV
Cedar City, UT CED Connersville, IN COI
Centralia, IL CEN Conway, SC CWY
Centralia, WA CTL Conway, NH CAY
Champaign-Urbana, IL CHM Coos Bay, OR CBY
Charleston, SC CHS Corcoran, CA COC
Charleston, WV CHW Corning, CA CNG
Charlotte, NC CLT Cornwells Heights, PA CWH
Charlottesville, VA CVS Corvallis, OR CVI
Chatham, ON CTH Cottage Grove, OR CTG
Chatsworth, CA CWT Covina, CA CVA
Chattanooga, TN CNO Crawfordsville, IN CRF
Chemult, OR CMO Creston, IA CRN
Cherry Hill, NJ CRH Crestview, FL CSV
Cheyenne, WY CHY Croton-Harmon, NY CRT
Chicago, IL CHI Culpeper, VA CLP
Chico, CA CIC Cumberland, MD CUM
Chipley, FL CIP Cut Bank, MT CUT
Cincinnati, OH CIN
City, FL DDE Devils Lake, ND DVL
Dallas, TX DAL Dillon, SC DIL
Danville, VA DAN Dinuba, CA DNB
Danville, IL DVI Dodge City, KS DDG
Davenport, IA DVP Dover, NH DOV
Davis, CA DAV Dover, DE DVR
Daytona Beach, FL DYA Dowagiac, MI DOA
Dearborn, MI DER Downingtown, PA DOW
Deerfield Beach, FL DFB Du Quoin, IL DQN
Del Rio, TX DRT Dublin-Pleasanton, CA DBP
Deland, FL DLD Dulles International Airport, VA IAD
Delray Beach, FL DLB Duluth, MN DUL
Deming, NM DEM Dunkirk, NY DUK
Denmark, SC DNK Dunsmuir, CA DUN
Denver, CO DEN Durand, MI DRD
Denver Bus Station, CO DEB Durham, NC DNC
Denver International Airport, CO DIA Durham, NH DHM
Detroit, MI DET Dwight, IL DWT
Detroit Lakes, MN DLK Dyer, IN DYE
Eagle, CO EGL Elsie, OR ELS
East Glacier Park, MT GPK Elyria, OH ELY
East Lansing, MI LNS Emeryville, CA EMY
Eau Claire, WI EUC Ephrata, WA EPH
Edmonds, WA EDM Erie, PA ERI
Effingham, IL EFG Escanaba, MI EMI
El Centro, CA ECC Essex, VT ESX
El Monte Metrolink, CA EMC Essex, MT ESM
El Paso, TX ELP Eugene, OR EUG
El Portal, CA EPL Eureka, CA EKA
Elizabethtown, PA ELT Everett, WA EVR
Elizabethtown, KY EZH Exeter, NH EXR
Elkhart, IN EKH Exton, PA EXT
Elko, NV ELK
Fair Haven, VT FHV Fort Myers, FL FTM
Fargo, ND FAR Fort Worth, TX FTW
Fayetteville, NC FAY Fortuna, CA FTA
Fillmore, CA FIL Fostoria, OH FOS
Flagstaff, AZ FLG Foxwoods Casino, CT FOX
Flint, MI FLN Framingham, MA FRA
Florence, SC FLO Frederick, MD FDR
Florence, OR FRO Fredericksburg, VA FBG
Fond Du Lac, WI FDL Fredonia, NY FDN
Fontana, CA FON Fremont (Buses), CA FRT
Fort Collins, CO FCC Fremont (Trains), CA FMT
Fort Edward/Glens Falls, NY FED Fresno, CA FNO
Fort Hood, TX FHD Frisco, CO FSC
Fort Lauderdale, FL FTL Fullerton, CA FUL
Fort Madison, IA FMD Fulton, KY FTN
Fort Morgan, CO FMG
Gainesville, TX GLE Granby, CO GRA
Gainesville, GA GNS Grand Canyon Natl Park, AZ GCN
Galesburg, IL GBB Grand Forks, ND GFK
Gallup, NM GLP Grand Junction, CO GJT
Galveston, TX GLS Grand Rapids, MI GRR
Garberville, CA GBV Grangeville, ID GVI
Garden City, KS GCK Grant's Pass, OR GTP
Garibaldi Highlands, BC GBC Grass Valley, CA GRS
Gastonia, NC GAS Green Bay, WI GBY
Gearhart, OR GHT Green River, UT GRI
Georgetown, ON GEO Greenfield Village, MI GFV
Gilman, IL GLM Greensboro, NC GRO
Gilroy, CA GLY Greensburg, PA GNB
Glasgow, MT GGW Greenville, SC GRV
Glencoe, ON GCO Greenwood, MS GWD
Glendale, CA GDL Grimsby, ON GMS
Glenview, IL GLN Grover Beach, CA GVB
Glenwood Springs, CO GSC Guadalupe/Santa Maria, CA GUA
Goldsboro, NC GBO Guelph, ON GUE
Goleta, CA GTA Gulfport, MS GUF
Goshen Junction, CA GSN
Hagerstown, MD HAG Helper, UT HER
Hamilton, OH HMN Hemet, CA HMT
Hamlet, NC HAM Hermann, MO HEM
Hammond, LA HMD Hermiston, OR HMO
Hammond-Whiting, IN HMI High Point, NC HPT
Hanford, CA HNF Hinton, WV HIN
Harlingen, TX HGN Holdrege, NE HLD
Harpers Ferry, WV HFY Holland, MI HOM
Harrington, DE HRT Hollywood, FL HOL
Harrisburg, PA HAR Homestead, FL HMF
Hartford, CT HFD Homewood, IL HMW
Hastings, NE HAS Hood River, OR HOO
Hatch, NM HCH Houston, TX HOS
Hattiesburg, MS HBG Howard City, MI HWC
Haverhill, MA HHL Hudson, NY HUD
Havre, MT HAV Huntingdon, PA HGD
Hayward, CA HAY Huntington, WV HUN
Hazlehurst, MS HAZ Hutchinson, KS HUT
Healdsburg, CA HEA
Idaho Falls, ID IDA Ingersoll, ON ING
Independence, MO IDP Irvine, CA IRV
Indianapolis, IN IND Islamorada, FL ISL
Indio, CA IDO
Jackson, MS JAN Jefferson City, MO JEF
Jackson, MI JXN Jeffersonville, IN JFV
Jacksonville, FL JAX Jesup, GA JSP
Jamestown, NY JMN Johnstown, PA JST
Janesville - Bus Service, WI JVL Joliet, IL JOL
Kalamazoo, MI KAL Killeen, TX KIL
Kalkaska, MI KLK Killington, VT KLT
Kankakee, IL KKI King City, CA KGC
Kannapolis, NC KAN Kingman, AZ KNG
Kansas City, MO KCY Kingston, RI KIN
Kelso-Longview, WA KEL Kingstree, SC KTR
Kettleman City, CA KTC Kirkwood, MO KWD
Kewanee, IL KEE Kissimmee, FL KIS
Key Largo, FL KYL Kitchener, ON KOT
Key West-Airport, FL KWA Klamath Falls, OR KFS
La Crescenta, CA LCA Lawrence, KS LRC
La Crosse, WI LSE Laytonville, CA LTV
La Grande, OR LAE Leavenworth, WA LEV
La Grange Road, IL LAG Lees Summit, MO LEE
La Junta, CO LAJ Leggett, CA LEG
La Marque, TX LMQ Lemoore, CA LMC
La Pine, OR LPN Lewiston, ID LWN
La Plata, MO LAP Lewistown, PA LEW
La Sierra, CA RLS Libby, MT LIB
Laconia, NH LAO Lincoln, IL LCN
Lafayette, IN LAF Lincoln, NE LNK
Lafayette, LA LFT Lincoln, NH LNN
Laguna Beach, CA LUN Lindenwold, NJ LDW
Lake Charles, LA LCH Lindsay, CA LDY
Lake City, FL LEC Little Rock, AR LRK
Lake Havasu City, AZ LHA Littlerock, CA LTR
Lake Placid, NY LPD Littleton, NH LTL
Lakeland, FL LAK Livermore, CA LIV
Lamar, CO LMR Lodi, CA LOD
Lamy, NM LMY Lompoc, CA LOM
Lancaster, CA LCS Lompoc Surf Sta., CA LPS
Lancaster, PA LNC London, ON LOT
Lapeer, MI LPE Long Beach, CA LBC
Laramie, WY LAR Longmont, CO LGM
Laredo, TX LDO Longview, TX LVW
Las Cruces, NM LCR Lordsburg, NM LDB
Las Vegas, NM LSV Lorton (Auto Train only), VA LOR
Las Vegas, NV LVS Los Angeles-Union Station, CA LAX
Las Vegas-Airport, NV LAS Louisville, KY LVL
Latrobe, PA LAB Loveland, CO LLD
Laughlin, NV LNV Lynchburg, VA LYH
Laurel, MS LAU
Mackinaw City, MI MAK Meriden, CT MDN
Macomb, IL MAC Meridian, MS MEI
Macon, GA MCN Mesick, MI MSK
Madera, CA MDR Mesquite, NV MQN
Madison, FL MDO Metropark, NJ MET
Madison, WI MSN Miami, FL MIA
Madison-South (Monona), WI SMD Miami International Airport, FL MII
Madras, OR MAS Michigan City, IN MCI
Malta, MT MAL Middletown, PA MID
Malton, ON MON Midpines, CA MDP
Malvern, AR MVN Milwaukee, WI MKE
Manassas, VA MSS Mineola, TX MIN
Mancelona, MI MLN Minot, ND MOT
Manchester, NH MHT Mobile, AL MOE
Manitowoc, WI MTC Modesto, CA MOD
Manning, OR MNI Mojave, CA MOJ
Marathon, FL MTH Moline, IL MLI
Maricopa, AZ MRC Monroe, WA MEW
Marinette, WI MWI Montclair, CA MCL
Marion, WI MIO Monterey, CA MRY
Mariposa, CA MRP Monterey (Hyatt), CA MYH
Marquette, MI MQT Monterey (Marriot), CA MYM
Marshall, TX MHL Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA MYA
Martinez, CA MTZ Monterey-Travelodge, CA MYT
Martinsburg, WV MRB Montgomery, AL MGM
Marysville, CA MRV Montgomery, WV MNG
Mattoon, IL MAT Montpelier-Barre, VT MPR
Maysville, KY MAY Montreal, QC MTR
McAllen, TX MEN Moorpark, CA MPK
McCall, ID MCA Moreno Valley, CA MOV
McComb, MS MCB Moscow, ID MOC
McCook, NE MCK Moses Lake, WA MLK
McGregor, TX MCG Mount Joy, PA MJY
McKinleyville, CA MKV Mount Pleasant, IA MTP
Medford, OR MFR Mount Vernon, WA MVW
Memphis, TN MEM Mountain Home, ID MTM
Mendota, IL MDT Myrtle Beach, SC MBS
Merced, CA MCD Mystic, CT MYS
Meredith, NH MRD
Nacogdoches, TX NCG New York-Penn. Station, NY NYP
Nampa, ID NAM Newark, DE NRK
Nanaimo, BC NNI Newark, NJ NWK
Napa, CA NAP Newark Int'l Airport, NJ EWR
Naperville, IL NPV Newbern/Dyersberg, TN NBN
Nappanee, IN NPI Newhall, CA NHL
Nashville, TN NVL Newport, OR NPO
Necanicum Jct., OR NCM Newport Beach, CA NPB
Needles, CA NDL Newport News, VA NPN
Nevada City, CA NEV Newton, KS NEW
New Brunswick, NJ NBK Niagara Falls, NY NFL
New Buffalo, MI NBM Niagara Falls, ON NFS
New Carrollton, MD NCR Niles, MI NLS
New Haven, CT NHV Norfolk-Downtown, VA NFK
New Iberia, LA NIB Norman, OK NOR
New London, CT NLC North Philadelphia, PA PHN
New London, WI NLW Northridge, CA NRG
New Orleans, LA NOL Norwalk, CA NLK
New Rochelle, NY NRO
Oakland-Jack London Sq, CA OKJ Olympia/Lacey, WA OLW
Oakville, ON OKL Omaha, NE OMA
Ocala, FL OCA Omak, WA OMW
Ocean City, MD OCM Ontario, CA ONA
Oceanside, CA OSD Ontario, OR ONT
Odessa, TX ODE Orange, CA OGE
Ogden, UT OGD Orlando, FL ORL
Okanagan, WA OGW Oroville, CA ORV
Okeechobee, FL OKE Osceola, IA OSC
Okemo, VT OKO Oshkosh, WI OSH
Oklahoma City, OK OKC Ottumwa, IA OTM
Old Orchard Beach Seasonal, ME ORB Oxnard, CA OXN
Old Saybrook, CT OSB
Palatka, FL PAK Pittsfield, MA PIT
Palm Desert, CA PDC Placerville, CA PCV
Palm Springs, CA PSP Plano, IL PLO
Palm Springs-Rail Sta., CA PSN Plattsburgh, NY PLB
Palmdale, CA PMD Plymouth, NH PMO
Paoli, PA PAO Pocatello, ID POC
Parkesburg, PA PAR Pomona-Downtown Station, CA POS
Parlier, CA PRL Pomona-Metrolink Station, CA POM
Pasadena, CA PAS Pontiac, MI PNT
Pascagoula, MS PAG Pontiac, IL PON
Pasco, WA PSC Poplar Bluff, MO PBF
Paso Robles, CA PRB Port Charlotte, FL PCH
Pateros, WA PTE Port Henry, NY POH
Pauls Valley, OK PVL Port Huron, MI PTH
Pellston, MI PST Port Kent, NY PRK
Pemberton, BC PBT Portage, WI POG
Pendleton, OR PEN Porterville, CA POT
Penn. Station, MD BAL Portland, OR PDX
Penn. Station, NY NYP Portland, ME POR
Pensacola, FL PNS Poughkeepsie, NY POU
Peoria Airport, IL PIA Primm, NV PMM
Perris, CA PRI Prince, WV PRC
Petaluma, CA PTC Princessa, CA PSA
Petersburg, VA PTB Princeton, IL PCT
Petoskey, MI PSK Princeton Junction, NJ PJC
Philadelphia 30th St, PA PHL Prineville, OR PRN
Phoenix - Sky Harbor Airport, AZ PHA Prosser, WA PSR
Phoenix Greyhound Station, AZ PHG Providence, RI PVD
Phoenix Metro Center, AZ PXN Provo, UT PRO
Phoenix North, AZ PXN Pueblo, CO PUB
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, AZ PHA Pullman, WA PUL
Picayune, MS PIC Purcell, OK PUR
Pittsburgh, PA PGH
Quantico, VA QAN Quincy, WA QUC
Quincy, IL QCY
Raleigh, NC RGH Richmond, CA RIC
Rancho Cordova, CA RCD Richmond, VA RVR
Rancho Cucamonga, CA RCU Rio Dell-Scotia, CA RDS
Randolph, VT RPH Riverside, CA RIV
Rantoul, IL RTL Rochester, NY ROC
Raton, NM RAT Rockford, IL RCK
Red Bluff, CA RBF Rockford, MI RKF
Red Wing, MN RDW Rocklin, CA RLN
Redding, CA RDD Rockville, MD RKV
Redmond, OR RED Rocky Mount, NC RMT
Redmond Airport, OR RDM Rohnert Park, CA RPC
Reed City, MI REE Rome, NY ROM
Reedley, CA RDY Rosamond, CA RSM
Reedsport, OR RPT Roseburg, OR RBG
Rehoboth Beach, DE RHB Roseville, CA RSV
Reno, NV RNO Rouses Point, NY RSP
Rensselaer, IN REN Royal Oak, MI ROY
Rhinecliff, NY RHI Rugby, ND RUG
Rialto, CA RIA Rutland, VT RUD
Richmond, BC RBC
Saco, ME SAO Sedalia, MO SED
Sacramento, CA SAC Selma-Smithfield, NC SSM
Salem, OR SLM Shelby, MT SBY
Salinas, CA SNS Shreveport, LA SHR
Salisbury, NC SAL Simi Valley, CA SIM
Salisbury, MD SLY Skykomish, WA SKW
Salt Lake City, UT SLC Slidell, LA SDL
San Antonio, TX SAS So. Portsmouth-So. Shore, KY SPM
San Bernardino, CA SNB Socorro, NM SRO
San Clemente, CA SNP Soda Springs, CA SOD
San Clemente North Beach, CA SNT Solana Beach, CA SOL
San Diego, CA SAN Soledad, CA SDD
San Fernando/Sylmar, CA SYL Solvang, CA SLV
San Francisco Moscone Center, CA SFM South Beloit, IL BET
San Francisco Peninsula Line, CA SFP South Bend, IN SOB
San Francisco-Ferry Bldg, CA SFC South Lake Tahoe, CA SLT
San Francisco-Financial Ctr, CA SFF Southern Pines, NC SOP
San Francisco-Fishrmns Wrf, CA SFW Sparks - Buses, NV SPX
San Francisco-Union Square, CA SFS Sparks - Trains, NV SPX
San Jose, CA SJC Spartanburg, SC SPB
San Juan Capistrano, CA SNC Spokane, WA SPK
San Luis Obispo, CA SLO Springfield, MA SPG
San Luis Obispo-Cal Poly, CA SLP Springfield, IL SPI
San Marcos, TX SMC Squamish, BC SQA
San Pedro, CA SPD St. Albans, VT SAB
Sanderson, TX SND St. Catherines, ON SCA
Sandpoint, ID SPT St. Cloud, MN SCD
Sandusky, OH SKY St. George, UT STG
Sanford (Auto Train Only), FL SFA St. Ignace, MI STI
Sanford (Regular Trains), FL SFD St. Joseph, MO SJO
Sanger, CA SNG St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, MI SJM
Santa Ana, CA SNA St. Lambert, QC SLQ
Santa Barbara, CA SBA St. Louis, MO STL
Santa Clara-Great America, CA GAC St. Marys, ON SMA
Santa Clarita Metrolink, CA SCR St. Paul, MN MSP
Santa Cruz, CA SCZ St. Petersburg, FL STP
Santa Cruz - Boardwalk, CA SCB Stamford, CT STM
Santa Fe, NM SAF Stanley, ND STN
Santa Maria, CA SAT Staples, MN SPL
Santa Paula, CA SAP Stateline-Horizon, CA SLH
Santa Rosa, CA SRC Staunton, VA STA
Sarasota, FL SRA Stevens Pass, WA SSW
Saratoga Springs, NY SAR Stockton, CA SKN
Sarnia, ON SIA Stockton/Ace Station, CA SKT
Savannah, GA SAV Stratford, ON STF
Schenectady, NY SDY Strathroy, ON SRY
Schriever, LA SCH Sturtevant, WI SVT
Seaford, DE SAD Suisun-Fairfield, CA SUI
Seaside, OR SSD Summit, IL SMT
Seaside, CA SES Sunriver, OR SUN
Seattle, WA SEA Surrey, BC SUY
Sebring, FL SBG Syracuse, NY SYR
Tacoma, WA TAC Toronto, ON TWO
Tallahassee, FL TLH Tracy, CA TRA
Tampa, FL TPA Traverse City, MI TRV
Taylor, TX TAY Trenton, NJ TRE
Tehachapi, CA TEH Trinidad, CO TRI
Temple, TX TPL Truckee, CA TRU
Texarkana, AR TXA Truth Or Consequences, NM TOC
The Dalles, OR THD Tucson, AZ TUS
Thurmond, WV THN Tukwila, WA TUK
Ticonderoga, NY FTC Tulare, CA TUA
Tigerton, WI TGR Tulsa, OK TLS
Tilton, NH TLT Turlock-Denair, CA TRK
Toccoa, GA TCA Tusayan, AZ TSY
Toledo, OR TDO Tuscaloosa, AL TCL
Toledo, OH TOL Tustin, CA TIN
Tomah, WI TOH Twin Falls, ID TFI
Topeka, KS TOP Tyrone, PA TYR
Ukiah, CA UKH Union Station, CT NHV
Union Station, IL CHI Union Station, OR PDX
Union Station, CO DEN Union Station, DC WAS
Union Station, CT HFD Upland, CA UPL
Union Station, CA LAX Utica, NY UCA
Vail, CO VAI Vancouver, WA VAN
Vale, OR VAE Ventura, CA VEC
Vallejo - City Stop, CA VAL Victoria, BC VBC
Vallejo-Marine World, CA VMW Victorville, CA VRV
Van Nuys-Amtrak/Metrolink, CA VNC Vincent Grade/Acton, CA VIN
Van Nuys-Flyaway Terminal, CA VNF Virginia Beach, VA VAB
Vancouver, BC VAC Visalia, CA VIS
Waldo, FL WDO Wildwood, FL WWD
Wallace, NC WCE Williams, AZ WMA
Wallingford, CT WFD Williams Junction, AZ WMJ
Walloon Lake, MI WNK Williamsburg, VA WBG
Walnut Ridge, AR WNR Williston, ND WTN
Warrensburg, MO WAR Willits, CA WTS
Warrenton, OR WNT Wilmington, DE WIL
Warrenton, VA WON Wilmington, NC WMN
Wasco, CA WAC Wilson, NC WLN
Washington, DC WAS Windsor, ON WDS
Washington, MO WAH Windsor, CT WND
Washington-Union Station, DC WAS Windsor Locks, CT WNL
Waterbury-Stowe, VT WAB Windsor-Mt Ascutney, VT WNM
Waterloo, IN WTI Winnemucca, NV WNN
Watsonville, CA WTV Winona, MN WIN
Wausau, WI WSU Winslow, AZ WLO
Wells, ME WEM Winston-Salem, NC WNS
Wenatchee, WA WEN Winter Haven, FL WTH
West Corona, CA WCO Winter Park, FL WPK
West Glacier, MT WGL Winter Park/Fraser, CO WIP
West Palm Beach, FL WPB Wisconsin Dells, WI WDL
Westerly, RI WLY Wishram, WA WIH
Westport, NY WSP Wittenberg, WI WIT
Wheeling, WV WHE Woburn (Anderson Sta), MA WOB
Whistler, BC WSL Wolf Point, MT WPT
White River Junction, VT WRJ Woodbridge, VA WDB
White Sulphur Springs, WV WSS Woodstock, ON WSK
Whitefish, MT WFH Worcester, MA WOR
Whitehall, NY WHL
Yakima, WA YKM Yosemite, CA YOS
Yazoo City, MS YAZ Youngstown, OH YTO
Yemassee, SC YEM Yuma, AZ YUM
Yonkers, NY YNY Zanesville, OH ZNV
All fares do not include taxes or surcharges, and are subject to change without notice.
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